Relapse Prevention in Fairborn, OH

There are some who think that there is a cure for substance addiction, but research demonstrates that this disease can only be managed with abstinence. Since there is no cure for substance addiction, relapse is often a threat to recovery. With relapse prevention in Fairborn, however, addiction sufferers can get the support they need to achieve long-term recovery. With relapse prevention addiction treatment, recovering individuals will learn how to ward off cravings for drugs or alcohol and maintain their focus on recovery and well-being. Don't wait to check out relapse prevention programs near you. They can help you maintain your sobriety.

The medical community calls the first stage of relapse the emotional stage. During this phase of relapse, an individual will experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. These emotions can be tough to control or to deal with, but with addiction relapse prevention techniques, sufferers can learn how to cope with taxing emotions in healthy ways rather than turning to addictive substances that may have formerly masked these emotions or provided a temporary escape from them.

The second stage of relapse is the mental phase. This is a turning-point phase because the sufferer is definitely progressing into dangerous territory that threatens their sobriety. During this stage, the individual may think about using drugs or alcohol and may return to places where alcohol and drugs are readily available. Essentially, the mental phase puts sufferers within close proximity to the final phase, which occurs when they physically taking drugs or alcohol. Relapse prevention treatment programs in Fairborn offer addicts methods for warding off negative emotions that can throw the recovery process off track.

Understanding Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention in Fairborn features treatments and therapies that can help addiction sufferers stick to their recovery plan. Refraining from using alcohol and drugs and learning to avoid high-risk people and situations can be challenging for recovering addiction suffers who may still be vulnerable to cravings or miss aspects of their former lifestyle.

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs help individuals manage the triggers that plagued them before treatment. Alcohol and drug relapse prevention helps people in recovery recognize when they are moving into stages of relapse and gives them resources for preventing a relapse from occurring.

What Can Relapse Prevention Do Specifically to Help?

Relapse prevention addiction treatment offers real help for addiction sufferers who are trying to recover. First, relapse prevention in Fairborn can help people build a recovery framework. This means, they programs teach people how to build structure into their lives. Attending weekly counseling sessions, finding adequate support measures, and trying new experiences will help recovering individual's leave their former lives behind more effectively.

Addiction relapse prevention in the form of sober living communities or 12-step programs offers considerable support to people who still feel vulnerable or are newly released from intensive therapy. Relapse prevention treatment programs are designed to help people understand high-risk situations and how to avoid them. These programs also recognize that recovering individuals need alternative healthy situations in which to grow their lives during. People may choose to attend restorative yoga sessions or take up a new exercise like jogging. Relapse prevention is aimed at healthy living, so a strong component of sessions covers how to maintain sobriety while living a healthier life.

The Importance of Aftercare

After leaving inpatient rehab in Fairborn, attending a weekly addiction relapse prevention session may not be enough for some. This is where sober living communities can help. Aftercare like this type of community helps recovering individuals meet new people who are also striving to overcome an addiction. Supportive meetings are frequent and healthy lifestyle activities are built into the structure of the setting. Relapse prevention in Fairborn offers many types of aftercare services, so individuals are sure to find a program that suits their needs. Relapse prevention programs can be found throughout the state, so take time to investigate all of your recovery options.

Relapse is a major problem for people recovering from addiction. It's all too common. However, sufferers should not despair if they suffer a relapse. With more alcohol and drug relapse prevention training, people can return to their recovery journey with renewed emphasis on healthy living. If you or a loved one is feeling vulnerable to the forces of addiction relapse, it's important to get relapse prevention treatment so you can keep drugs and alcohol from ruining your life. Your health and well-being are at stake, but with addiction relapse prevention, you can move toward a better life that is free from the destructive forces of drugs and alcohol. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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