Addiction Treatment in Fairborn, OH

Addiction affects millions of Americans across the country. A recent study conducted by Columbia University asserts that as many as 40 million Americans meet the critical criteria for substance addiction including alcohol and nicotine. Addiction treatment in Fairborn is geared for individuals who are addicted to prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and alcohol. Inpatient treatment programs provide multi-type treatments for addiction sufferers. These treatments target the physical, mental, and behavioral aspects of substance addiction.

By entering an inpatient rehab treatment center, you can overcome the substance addiction plaguing your life and learn to manage the triggers that led you to abuse addictive substances.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab or an inpatient rehab center is designed to provide inpatient treatment programs for addiction. When you enter rehab, you will be carefully assessed so medical caregivers can determine your exact needs. Some people present to their inpatient rehab treatment center with a physical or psychological ailment. Dual diagnosis treatment in Fairborn, which involves addiction and a mental disorder, affects about one-third of addiction sufferers. With a careful evaluation, addiction specialists providing addiction treatment in Fairborn can design a customized program of therapies that are suited to your individual needs.

After the evaluation is completed, addiction sufferers can begin the process of medical detox. Detox can last between three days and a couple weeks. While some medications can speed up the detox process, the length of time is largely dependent on the individual's makeup, the addictive substance in question, and the length of time the individual has been addicted to the drug or alcohol. Inpatient drug addiction programs offer medical detox in a safe, medical environment. Withdrawal is an inevitable part of detox, but healthcare providers can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms by providing medications.

It's essential to undergo the detoxification process at an inpatient rehab center because withdrawal symptoms may begin as mild, but they can become intense and, in some situations, even life threatening. Withdrawal symptoms like headache, insomnia, anxiety, chills, and nausea are common, but sometimes withdrawal symptoms become so severe they may lead to thoughts of suicide, dehydration, seizures, and even heart irregularities. With addiction treatment in Fairborn, addiction specialists can treat any health problems if they arise. Moreover, healthcare providers can often prevent withdrawal symptoms from becoming so severe that they cause health emergencies.

Post-Detox Treatment

Once drug detox in Fairborn is completed, addiction treatment in Fairborn involves individual and group therapies that target the psychological and behavioral dependencies that are associated with substance addiction. Inpatient treatment programs often include cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and other treatments that can help people move forward along their path to long-term recovery.

Inpatient addiction programs are typically more intensive than outpatient programs, which is why their success rates are so encouraging. During inpatient addiction treatment in Fairborn, sufferers fan focus exclusively on their recovery. With this intense focus, sufferers can learn to manage their triggers and successfully ward off relapse.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment Programs for Addiction

Addiction sufferers who enter inpatient addiction treatment in Fairborn can expect to receive high-quality addiction treatment designed to help them manage the disease of addiction. Inpatient treatment programs are rigorous and, according to statistics, have helped roughly 20% of sufferers who have completed programs to stay sober for five years and counting. Relapse continues to be a challenge for people who complete inpatient treatment programs.

Some drugs like meth, for instance, are associated with a 93% relapse rate. Addiction treatment in Fairborn can help, but it cannot cure addiction. People who do relapse often require longer status in inpatient treatment programs for addiction. The alternative is unacceptable. The alternative is, in every case, a life of declining mental and physical health, a life that is always threatened by overdose and the high-risk behaviors associated with substance addiction.

Inpatient drug addiction programs can be complemented by aftercare programming like 12-step programs and even a stay at a sober-living community. Aftercare provides ongoing support for people who still feel vulnerable to their triggers and cravings even after they've completed inpatient treatment programs. Your inpatient rehab treatment program will be able to recommend aftercare programs in and around Fairborn that can help support you during the extended recovery period.

If you are addicted to substances like alcohol, heroin, opiate-based painkillers, cocaine, alcohol, or any other addictive substance, inpatient treatment programs can provide you with the help you need to manage your condition. Recovery from addiction begins with your stay at an inpatient rehab center. Don't wait to get the treatment you need to manage your substance addiction so you can enjoy long-term sobriety. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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