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Undergoing drug and/or alcohol detox is a crucial first step in getting on the road to recovery. Our drug detox programs in Fairborn can help you safely and slowly detox off of any addictive substance, all while being under the care of compassionate and educated medical staff. Detoxing in a rehab center is in fact the safest place you can be during the process, as withdrawing from certain substances such as alcohol can cause severe withdrawal side effects. Once you have made the commitment to enroll in our Fairborn inpatient addiction rehab, you will undergo a thorough physical and psychological evaluation. It is important to answer any questions honestly and provide as much information as possible, as these details will be used to make a customized detox and rehab plan for you.

Why is Drug Detox Necessary?

Many myths surround the subject of detox and withdrawal. Some people still believe you can quit any substance on your own, "cold turkey." The truth is, withdrawing from drugs can cause mild to severe side effects within the body. The severity of these withdrawal symptoms are dependent on which drug you used, how long you used the drug, and how much was taken. Severe side effects can be dangerous and even life threatening, which is why you never want to be detoxing alone at home from a substance.

Inpatient drug detox programs in Fairborn are popular among anyone needing to detox off alcohol, cocaine, opiates, crystal meth, benzodiazepines and more. By safely going through the detox in a rehab center, you can actually increase your chances of staying clean and not returning to the substance in order to get rid of withdrawal side effects. Whether you are in need of an alcohol detox or opiate detox, our experienced staff of physicians, nurses, counselors and more will create a program that will get your recovery journey started.

Our medical team will be assessing you throughout the detox and can offer medications to lessen withdrawal symptoms, as well as life saving therapies if needed. Depending on the information gathered during your evaluation, we will let you know what to expect during the detox treatment, and our board-certified team will be by your side each step of the way.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Breaking free from addiction is a journey, and medical detox is simply the first step. Once you have completed the detox phase successfully, the rehabilitation process can begin.

At Fairborn inpatient addiction rehab, personalized treatment programs utilizing different modes of therapy will be created for your needs. The purpose of rehabilitation after detox is to help increase your self-awareness and better understand why you starting using and abusing drugs and/or alcohol.

Cognitive behavior, individual, group and even family therapy can also shed light on unresolved anger or negative feelings, plus help you understand how addiction works and the effects of addictive substances on the brain. In some cases, implementing family therapy sessions can help mend broken relationships, and help family members and/or friends better understand the nature of addiction and how they can help support you during your recovery.

What Happens After Rehabilitation?

In addition to our drug detox programs in Fairborn and rehabilitation therapies, you will also learn about relapse prevention techniques. These techniques will be crucial when you have left rehab and have entered into the real world once again. You will also learn about the various types of aftercare programs and support services that are available to you. We cannot stress the importance of these services enough when it comes to staying sober after detox and rehab is complete.

Drug and alcohol addiction can devastate your life and the lives of those around you. While detox may seem frightening if you have never been through the process, everyone at Fairborn's inpatient addiction rehab centers wants you to know you will not be alone during this journey. Our treatment center is filled with experienced and caring professionals who specialize in addiction. We want to help you escape from the hands of addiction and have a fresh start in life. Learn more about our programs by calling 937-320-8037 or visit www.Fairborndrugtreatmentcenters.com today.

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